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Bring Your Business to Myrtle Ave

The Myrtle Avenue Business Improvement District is looking for new businesses to join our community of outstanding retailers. Our growing population of residents and shoppers are young, culturally diverse and family-oriented, and we are looking for retailers to meet their needs.

Ridgewood is a dynamic neighborhood on the border of Brooklyn and Queens. It offers a beautiful and affordable housing stock in a historic landmarked district. With a balanced mix of retail and services, it is a destination for families, artists, and recent immigrants, coming together to create a culturally rich and vibrant community.

Ridgewood is a bustling neighborhood, rich with clusters of art spaces, local nightlife, community resources, and other cultural sites. Ridgewood is home to three historic districts, where tree-lined blocks and a solid building stock give Myrtle Avenue a unique look and feel.


The Myrtle-Wyckoff station, a significant NYC transportation hub, brings riders to and from Union Square in 20 minutes on the L Train, and to Lower Manhattan and Midtown in 30 minutes on the newly improved M Train. It is the second most used station along the L Train outside of Manhattan, second only to Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. As of 2012 Myrtle-Wyckoff is the 20th busiest station of the outer boroughs, and its usage is increasing by 4% every year. There are also seven popular bus lines that serve the corridor.


Retailers along Myrtle Avenue benefit from Ridgewood’s residential density, with nearly 60,000 residents per square mile. 71% of residents live in family households, higher than the borough average. It is no surprise that 26% of our residents are kids and teens.

Crime has gone down 35% since 2001. Because our community is historically very safe and continues to get safer people come to Ridgewood to live, shop, start a business and raise a family.

Vibrant Retail

A community-oriented shopping district, Myrtle Avenue’s retailers are a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary apparel, services, food and beverage stores, dining establishments, and general and specialty merchandise at a moderate price point. Tree-lined blocks and a solid building stock give Myrtle Avenue the look and feel of Brownstone Brooklyn, with retail spaces ranging from 800 to 20,000 square feet along the corridor. We are home to independent, as well as national chain retailers.

Culturally Rich

Our residents and retailers enrich the community with a diverse mix of cultures. Puerto Rican, Polish, Italian, Thai, Nepalese, German, and Mexican restaurants, are just a few examples of businesses that call Myrtle Avenue home. In addition, there are numerous art galleries and studios springing up all over the neighborhood, bringing new faces, ideas and creativity into the area.

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